Thursday, July 14, 2016


If there's one word to describe the Palace of Versailles, it'd be opulence.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Also known as Chamonix - Mont - Blanc, it's one of France's oldest ski resort and also the site of the first Winter Olympics. 

(This is why I love Wikipedia, makes me look more knowledgeable.. than I already am HAHA)

To make the most out of our trip that winter, we decided to pop by where Mont Blanc is. Because the cold just wan't cold enough.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Oh dear, what has become of this blog? 

A grand total of 10 posts last year. I'm getting so good at this ahahaha.

Welcoming 2016 (albeit 2 months late) with another sporadic post! It's almost a year ago when we were at France.

Pont Du Gard, another destination Wk wanted to go to. Had no idea what is it but as a good wife, of course I said ok eheheh.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


When planning our journey Arles was one of the places Wk said he wanted to visit. Initially we (or more like I) would have absolutely loved to visit the lavender farms in Provence (all thanks to L'occitanne, I'm sure 99% of girls who look at L'occitanne have dreamed about visiting Provence!) but because it was winter, there would not be anything to see as the lavender will be all grey and dry, and the farms would not be opened :( 

When we planned our journey we were driving towards the south and we had to pick a place to stop at otherwise it will be a long, hellish drive. Since Arles is in Provence and Wk wanted to visit, to Arles we went.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


1. Winter scent

I never used to be someone who wears specific fragrance for different seasons but strangely this winter I found myself very attracted to warmer, spicier scents. Must be an age thing... sighs. Was walking around in David Jones one day and stopped by the Jo Malone counter with no intentions to get anything but to only smell some nice stuff. You know where the story goes. I also super adored the Vanilla & Anise Cologne but my self control won this time, only these two babies made it home with me. I have a feeling it wont be long before I return for the Vanilla...

2. We turn 13

Wk came home with a surprise one day, a carrot cake by Le Petit Gateau commemorating our 13th anniversary, the dating one, not marriage of course. So delicious! The cream cheese layer look scarily thick but it's so light it pairs well with the carrot cake, which was not too dense although a little dry.

3. Red (semi) bob 

I've had a box of L'oreal hair dye sitting in my drawer for over a year now and finally decided to use it one Friday. I got it because it was on sale last winter and just never got around to using it. The colour turned out so nice although it faded within 2 washes :( And after colouring my hair I decided to chop it off! What an idiot, spent so much time and effort colouring my long hair only to chop it off LOL. I never intended to have it so short but I kinda liked it. So much easier to maintain now! 

4. Paella de marisco, patatas con su piel and ensalada.

Yes I totally looked up all the Spanish translation and I didn't know what's 'and' in Spanish LOL. Was invited to Michelle's abode #munchkinhq for some lovely seafood paella and jacket potatoes. I made some Spanish salad to accompany our yummy dinner! We also tortured ourselves with a few rounds of Twister, and tested our friendship with Monopoly Deal Millionaire. T'was a lovely night :)

5. Ee Von's workstation

Came home on Tuesday night to this surprise sitting by my dressing table. It's a gift from the husband for our 13th anniversary :) I am so freaking blessed. I've had my eyes on this chair a month or two ago but just couldn't go past its price. It's absolutely perfect, now my little 'station' is complete! 

6. Sable

Bought this stick of French butter couple of weeks ago from South Melbourne Market and decided to make some sable, French butter cookies with it. I don't quite know how to describe the taste of the butter except for it being very 'milky'? I can't even tell if I like it or not hahaha. Recipes say it's supposed to be a very sandy and crumbly butter cookie. True, but I've actually made more sandy and melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies, the kind that blows your mind away. Unfortunately, I don't have the recipe anymore so this will do I guess. For these sables, I used this recipe purely because I liked the shape of it. For better instructions in terms of what to achieve with the dough and how to roll it out, this video (different recipe & shape) is quite helpful. Oh, the hand is there to show how big I've accidentally made them haha. They should be much more petite and delicate.

7. The nice LAZY

My close friends and siblings have this 'hobby' of picking out on each other's typo and repeatedly mentioning it to show how big of a deal it is. To take it to another level, you amplify the typo by putting a  relevant sticker. Apparently 'lazy' means to roll around on the floor.

That's it for now. Till next week.